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The Vineyard La Delizia Luchi in Italy


Family, friends and a sense of community are a huge part of our Italian culture. We set out to create a wine that could be enjoyed on any occasion and bring people together.

We decided that Luchi Pinot Grigio would be the perfect introduction to our brand family. Luchi's delicate floral notes and complex fruit flavors—that include hints of lemon, green apple and honeysuckle—create the perfectly crisp flavor.

Our winemakers sourced grapes from premier vineyards in the Delle Venezie region of Italy, ensuring the highest quality for our consumers.


Delle Venezie is famous for their light, crisp Pinot Grigios.


Located in the northeastern part of Italy, the Alps heavily influence the cool, crisp climate of this region, which creates the light and acidic wines.

A picture of a vineyard with a man throwing grapes from a bucket to the back of a trailer connected to a Tractor
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